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Organizing 4 U has received many accolades from our customers over the years. We hope you will take a moment to read some of the comments about the Organizing 4 U team.  

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Muffy and JoEllen were very punctual and efficient. They knew exactly what they were doing and what I needed. And all I had to basically do was to sit and sort boxes of items into categories and then tell Muffy and JoEllen where to put them. We purchased shelving units and bankers boxes to accommodate my newly-organized items. We also generated more than several bags of trash, and they took away the items to be donated. I can now walk through the family room area without fear of tripping and falling when I need to use the laundry room.  DC, Wickliff

Muffy and JoEllen, Thank you again for the wonderful and tireless work you both put into helping me make my new home, "a home." But not only that, you have helped me beyond words because I see an improvement in my physical and emotional health as well because my stress has significantly decreased and my motivation as significantly increased. I didn't really realize how an unorganized space connected to our health until now. It truly was worth a million dollars and I wish I had it to give to you :)   As a result, I am looking forward to my future in that home and pursuit of my other personal goals.  JF, Cleveland Heights

I want to express my gratitude for all that you accomplished. I saw the kitchen with new eyes after I went back in. and because it looked so good, I managed to tidy up and get it back to where it was.  Thanks for all your work, and for being very patient with me.  RM, Lakewood

This is so much fun!  Everything gets done so much quicker when you are here!  ED, Lakewood

JoEllen and Muffy were a tremendous help with a big hurdle for me. There's no question that I will call them again at some point and refer them to others.   CS, Chagrin Falls

I cannot measure the positive impact our sessions had on me. I felt and feel lighter with more emotional energy. ……I feel more in control.  JM, Cleveland Heights

Muffy and JoEllen were professional and their services were awesome!  They truly transformed the way our family lives on a daily basis. They helped to reduce my stress by creating organized spaces.   I would highly recommend them!  WP, Rocky River

Once again please accept our sincere thanks for everything you did to return some neatness and order to our "out-of-control," over-crowded and chaotic residence. Some people think the age of miracles has passed us by, but it's not true, because you two made a miracle at our place. I hope you took photos - otherwise people might not believe it.  MH, Lakewood

 "The best executive decision I've made in years was hiring Muffy to help me take control of my time. I've had all the time management tools and devices for years, but never learned how to use them properly or - more importantly - make their use a daily habit. Working weekly with Muffy I've learned how to plan and structure my days, organize my projects and ensure that no task gets overlooked. The bonus was the enormous reduction in stress and anxiety knowing that I was actually managing my time, not simply spending it."  JH, Orange, OH

"The Organizing 4 U duo JoEllen Salkin and Muffy Kaesberg not only offer their expertise as professional organizers for individual clients but also for professional and community groups seeking their knowledge in a public speaking venue. I have had the pleasure of hiring them to train numerous professional groups on topics such as paper management, time management and office organizing. I have found their topics very enlightening and am able to implement their ideas immediately following their programs.  I highly encourage the use of their professional organizing services as well as their public speaking/training skills!"  KL, Beachwood

 "I was excited to go to work the next day after our session—knowing there wasn’t going to be a big mess haunting me. Thank you so much." - CI, Lyndhurst

Brilliant……I feel like I lost 100 pounds!” - DS, Shaker Heights

"If people knew that you could hire someone to do this, the world would be a happier place." - MK, Cleveland Heights

“I’ve been trying to organize my basement for years. The Organizing 4 U team was really efficient. I can’t believe the difference! It was well worth it." - TM, Cleveland Heights

“I’m so much more efficient now. I love going to my office. Thanks for giving me clarity." - CM, Beachwood

"Muffy and JoEllen did a great job of simplifying and streamlining our business filling systems, finding a simple way to integrate our paper files with our computer files. One of our smarter investments!" - BD, Cleveland Heights

"I was chronically disorganized, and it had an adverse affect on my work. After spending a day with Organizing 4 U, I am much more productive, and I proudly leave the office every day with a clean desktop. No more piles!" - KS, Highland Hts

"I've been trying to organize my basement for years. The Organizing 4 U team was really efficient. I can't believe the difference! It was well worth it." - TM, Cleveland Heights

"I loved having Organizing 4 U help me re-do my filing system. It was very painless." - AK, Pepper Pike

"Organizing 4 U brought just that common-sense and a trove of good ideas to solve one of our business's never-ending frustrations: clearing though the weeds of unneeded files and spotting the essentials -- and being able to know the difference. One of our best investments in efficiency and smart management." - BD, Cleveland Heights

"JoEllen & Muffy are great. Very patient & make great suggestions for future organization." - JB, Cleveland Heights

"They were punctual, efficient, & polite. The help they provided went beyond organizing to include referrals to collectors or donation organizers & to repair people. They were positive & encouraging throughout, & extremely committed to seeing my project through." - PZ, Shaker Heights

"I was moving, and everything was in chaos. I didn't know where to start. Joellen came at 9:00 in the morning, and by 3:00 in the afternoon, two rooms were emptied, two others were sorted and partially boxed, the garage was cleaned out and the dumpster was full. She was efficient and cheerful. She listened to what I wanted, and -- best of all -- had a sense of humor. I couldn't have asked for anything more!!" - EK, Cleveland Heights

"Co-owners Muffy Kaesberg and JoEllen Salkin helped me to completely re-organize a huge closet that had become so stuffed that it was unmanageable. The job took much less time than I had expected and I was very satisfied with their work. They really listened to me and took my needs into account, so that things got organized, but I did not feel pushed to get rid of anything I wanted to keep." - BF, Shaker Heights

"They made organizing easy and pleasant. They had lots of good tips and pointers, and helped me to set things up in a way that will be easy to maintain. I can see that organizing could get addictive, just from this one job. I'm inspired to organize lots of other parts of my house (some of which I may do myself using the ideas they gave me, others which I'll need their help to complete)." - JP, Shaker Heights

"Muffy and JoEllen were the best! They made me feel totally at ease and were very responsive to my preferences. They also offered tips and suggestions." - EL, Highland Heights

"JoEllen and Muffy worked with me to return the playroom and exercise room in my basement after our second flood in three years. I did not want to deal with it and could not get focused on getting it done. The three of us took two half days and got it done braving the spiders together. We sorted stuff and toys and moved furniture. Muffy and JoEllen worked very hard. I am having them come back to help my husband get his office organized (that project has been waiting five years!)" - CM, Moreland Hills

"You two are amazing!  I don't know what I would have done without your help." - MS, Hudson


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