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This is Simplify Your Life Week

August 5, 2008

The Organizing 4 U team assists many individuals who are seeking to live a more simple life.  This is usually in the area of physical clutter.  The sheer amount of possessions is frequently overwhelming, and has a tendency to make life a little more complicated.  Most often we help individuals by organizing their belongings and offering tips on how to maintain a ‘simpler' environment on their own. 

While organizing your stuff is one way, what are some other ways to Simplify Your Life?  First, take a look at your filing system.  Are you someone who has set up an elaborate filing system, and are still plagued by piles on your desk, and in other areas of your home or office?  Then perhaps your filing system is too complicated.  Simplify it by creating categories that are more general.  Do you really need to file all of your paid bills under every category---gas, electric, phone, cable, and each credit card?  Maybe you should consider having one file for ‘paid bills'.  Think how much simpler that would be.

Next take a look at your schedule.  Is it so cluttered that you are unable to enjoy the things that you feel are important?  Is there something that you can say ‘No' to that will help Simplify Your Life?  Are you always saying ‘yes' to volunteer projects that you enjoy?  In the end do all of these activities actually complicate your life?  Think about your goals and what is really important to you, and plan your activities with those goals in mind.

Organizing 4 U hopes that these tips help you Simplify Your Life this week and throughout the year.

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