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July 28, 2008

Were you able to successfully tackle the cluttered areas in the basement or garage?  What about your junk drawer?  It is not too late to start.  As you sort through the items that you find make four piles.  The first pile will contain all the items that you will be keeping in the space you are organizing.  The second pile will be items that you no longer need or use and can be donated to your favorite charity.  The third pile will be some items that actually belong in other areas of the home or office.  Keep them with you until you have finished sorting through all the items; if you take them elsewhere right now, there is a chance that you will get distracted, and not complete the small area you started.  The final pile is not really a pile, but a trash can.  These are the items that are broken or for whatever reason, need to be discarded.

Now you are left with the items that have a home in the space you are organizing.  Do they need a container?  Do they fit a little better?  Will you be able to find something the next time you need it?

Good luck with your organizing project!

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