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It's National Car Care Month

April 22, 2013



This is Car Care Month!  Part of taking care of your car is to keep it clean, both inside and out.  The inside cleaning will be a lot easier if you de-clutter first.

The various activities of the winter have probably taken a toll on your car.  Salt, snow scrappers, and even snow shovels in some parts of the country, can now be removed to make way for all of the items we need for spring and summer fun.  You may also have accumulated some other items in the car that are not so seasonal……trash on the floor, maps you no longer need, and bags from various shopping excursions.
As with any organizing project, our advice is to start small.  Focus on one area at a time.  This will help make the task not quite so overwhelming.   What have you stored in the glove compartment, the door pockets, seat pockets, on the floor, in the trunk, and in any hidden areas?  Do all of those items that really belong there?  What about items that you have been looking for?  Any money?  As you begin the sorting process, you never know what you are going to find!

Now think about what items really belong in each of those spaces.  Keep in mind a couple of our other tips: to store like things together, and to store items close to where you will be using them.

  • The car manual and maintenance schedule should be stored together along with a tire pressure gauge and information on what to do in an emergency.
  • Even though many of you have a GPS, it is often nice to have a map available to see the big picture.   Keep a couple for the state and city where you live, and remove all the ones from previous vacations.
  • What about CDs?  There are many products available to store your favorite tunes or audio books that will keep them accessible.
  • If you found a lot of trash on the floor, perhaps it was because there was no designated trash container.  Any small bag will do, or you can purchase one to set on the floor or hang over the seat.  Be sure everyone knows where it is.

As you choose some products or tools to help you organize your car, think about how you use your car.  Do you use it for the family taxi service, running errands, and/or for work?  Thinking this through and measuring your space first will help dictate what items you may need to purchase.

For examples of some of the items that you may find useful, check out our Organizing the Car board on Pinterest.

What interesting items did you find in your car?

Thanks for reading,

JoEllen & Muffy


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