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When To Call A Professional Organizer

"I never seem to be able to get anything done except when you two are here", lamented one client of ours the other day.  We assured her this feeling is shared by many of our customers!

Whether you have a closet that needs help, a filing system that is not working, time management issues, or simply too much stuff, a professional organizer can help.  We remind people that hiring plumbers, electricians and painters should be viewed the same way as hiring an organizer.  Service providers have strengths and talents that you do not, and you should not be embarassed to reach out for help.

The speed at which your goals can be accomplished with some help is a great reason to hire an organizer.  When the two of us work with a client, we triple the productivity of each hour and make a real difference in a short period of time.  "Co-owners Muffy and JoEllen helped me to completely re-organize a huge closet that had become stuffed and unmanageable.  The job took much less time than I ahd expected and I was very satisfied with their work". (BF, Shaker Heights)

Many of our clients ask us for help with managing their papers.  What to keep, how long to keep it and where to keep it are the most common questions.  After years of helping individuals with many different styles, we are able to help people with customized filing systems for their home and office.  Becoming more efficient and productive is a goal all of us can relate to.  "I'm so much more efficient now.  I love going to my office.  thanks for giving me clarity."  (CM, Beachwood)

"The best executive decision I've made in years was to hire Muffy to help me take control of my time.  I've had all the time management tools and devices for years, but never learned how to use them properly or- more importantly-to use them on a daily basis...The bonus was the enormous reduction in stress and anxiety".  (JH, Orange)  Time management is a crucial part of each and very day for all of us, and if that is a challenge for you, make a move to take control of your day.  Simple techniques of scheduling blocks of time on your calendar and analyzing the times of day you are most productive can be liberating!  Reducing stress, meeting your deadlines and producing high quality work will all improve your health as well!

We are called upon to help families that have had relatives with health issues and crazy schedules which do not permit much time to organize .  In some instances, we are able to make a dramatic difference in 6-8 hours.  A recent client had this to say, "Muffy and JoEllen were professional and their services were awesome!  They truly transformed the way our family lives on a daily basis.  They helped me reduce my stress by creating organized spaces."  (WP, Rocky River)  We love when our clients feel great when we leave and know they can maintain the systems we have put in place.  Another client said, "I cannot measure the positive impact our sessions had on me.  I felt and feel lighter with more emotional energy".  (JM , Cleveland Heights)  

As professional organizers, the feedback we have received is gratifying.  We love to help others and know that we can have a positive impact on people's lives in a short period of time.  So, the next time you hear someone ask, "Why would I need a professional organizer?", you now know the many benefits available!  Give us a call at 216-321-6126 or visit our website at  

                            Happy Spring!

                            Muffy and JoEllen

 P.S.  Below you will find the link to sign up for the Hoarding Connection of Cuyahoga County's 2015 conference - Perpectives on Hoarding.  Please join us on May 15th.  Application has been made for six continuing education credits for social workers, counselors and sanitarians, and three continuing education credits for nurses.

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