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What's Your Situation?



Happy New Year Everyone! 

We hope 2018 will be all you want it to be


While a lot of the public thinks of a Professional Organizer as someone who works with individuals who want to arrange their clothes in their luxurious walk-in closet, or to help with someone who hoards, those who know us have heard us say that most of the individuals that we work with are 'situationally disorganized'.  

We have all had 'situations' in our lives that throw off the normal routine.  When this happens, the mail ends up on the dining room table for days on end, items stay where they were last used and were not returned to their 'home', or projects were not completed as planned.  Some of these 'situations' are good and some are not so happy events.  Whatever, the case, what happens is that someday you look around and get overwhelmed and don't know where to even begin to try to get things back to normal. 

We have helped our customers with all of the following situations, but also want to let you know that you can bring things back to what is normal for you by following a few tips.

Right now, many of you are 'situationally disorganized' because of the recent holidays.  There may be seasonal decor inside and out, extra laundry because of guests, the furniture may be rearranged to accomodate all of the above, and bills and other mail was piled into bags and put into a closet.  You've probably been through this before, and know that there will be some time involved to get 'back to normal'.  Enlist others in this process and set aside blocks of time to accomplish different aspects of the project.  And, please, do not forget to look through all the mail that you have hidden away!

There are other happy events that are larger and will require a bit more time like moving into a new home, welcoming a new baby into the family, getting married, and/or starting a new job.  Adjusting to these 'situations' will require a little more planning, and sometimes, a little more help.  Again, we suggest that you schedule blocks of time to accomplish different tasks, and also enlist the help of family or friends to assist.  Activities like blending two households or organizing a kitchen can be more fun, and less overwhelming, with others.  You may also pick up a few pointers that will help out in the long run.

Other 'situations', like experiencing a lenghty illness, a broken bone or the death of a loved one, are not quite so pleasant.  What follows are a lot of unexpected responsibilities and, very often, the accumulation of more things for your home.  Family and friends can be helpful here as well, but a lot of expertise will be needed to navigate everything. 

Whatever your 'situation' may be, we would like to remind you that a little time spent on a regular basis goes a long way:

10 minutes a day = 60+ hours a year
30 minutes a day = 180.5 hours a year
1 hour per week = 52 hours a year

Just think of what you could accomplish in 50 to 60 hours!!!!

Investing time regularly also helps you develop new habits......which might be good right now as you embark on some New Year's Resolutions.

We hope all of your 'situations' this year are happy, healthy and good.

Happy New Year,

               JoEllen & Muffy


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