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What is your favorite organizing WORD?

Hard to believe that it is already February!  We hope you are doing well on your New Year's Resolution to Be More Organized.  Do you find that the hardest part is getting started?  Sometimes having some steps spelled out for your plan can help.  So this month we are offering you some acronyms to help get you started and keep you on task. 

So, even if your desk looks like this, we think one of these acronyms will be a perfect fit for you!

SIMPLE is our personal favorite because it was created by the Organizing 4 U team and works perfectly with our tag line ….making life simple

These SIMPLE steps will help you organize your closet, your papers and even your time!                          

  • S —  Start Small                  Set a timer, or select a small space
  • I Identify categories      Group like things together                                                         
  • MManage your space     Think of homes for items near where you will use them
  • PPut it away                   In its home
  • LLet go                           Of items you no longer need or want
  • EEnjoy                            Your uncluttered space and adjust as necessary
We admit that we were inspired to create our SIMPLE steps by Professional Organizer Julie Morgenstern, author of Organizing from the Inside Out
We started our business utilizing her SPACE acronym:
  • S Sort                              Items into categories
  • PPurge                           Get rid of what you no longer want or need
  • AAssign a Home             Think about where you will look for an item next time
  • C Containerize                 Place in a container if necessary
  • EEqualize                       Take time to keep up the system you have created

 From the book Organizing for Dummies by Eileen Roth and Elizabeth Miles we found PLACE:

  • PPurge                            Donate or toss
  • LLike with like                 Group similar items together
  • AAccess                          Create a spot that is easy to get to your things the next time
  • CContain                         Use containers to create space and keep things together
  • EEvaluate                        Use the system to see if it works for you
 We will close with a couple of fun ones specifically for managing paper
FAT and OHIO: 
  • FFile                                Put it into a folder
  • AAct                                Take action with a phone call, email or RSVP
  • TToss                              Get rid of what you do not need, or know you will be able to find again


  • OOnly     
  • HHandle     
  •  I It
  • OOnce

Whatever acronym you prefer, our best advice is to just pick your favorite and start with a small project. 

If you are still overwhelmed, and just want a system more quickly, then give us a call.  One of our customers recently told us

It is so much fun working with the two of you!

We do make it fun, will give you many tips along the way, and you can immediately begin to enjoy your newly organized spaces!

Have an enjoyable February,

JoEllen & Muffy


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