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What Does A Professional Organizer Do?

The June 2013 Angie's List Magazine featured the Organizing 4 U team in an article "NEO Organizers help declutter homes and lives."  (click here)  In it we are quoted as saying "Most jobs focus on finding a place to store items rather than throwing them away."  This pretty much sums up what we do.  However, even when we are meeting with someone for the first time during a free estimate to discuss their organizing challenges and goals, we are frequently asked: "What exactly will you do?"  Today we will try to answer that question.

When we founded Organizing 4 U we fielded many many questions about what exactly a Professional Organizer does----and how it is different from cleaning.  In the past 10 years the number of books, magazine articles and television shows on organizing has provided education on this growing profession.  Now most individuals are very aware of our services, but often think that a Professional Organizer is called upon only when the situation is as bad as you would see on one of the hoarding television shows.  This is most assuredly NOT the case.

In a nutshell, we provide hands-on assistance to individuals who are overwhelmed in their homes, offices and home-based businesses.  Everyone is so overwhelmed that they do not even know where to begin, and that's where a Professional Organizer can help you accomplish your goals quickly!  Here are some examples of the areas of organizing in which Organizing 4 U specializes.

Time  Is that a suprise to you?  Almost all of our work incorporates some guidance on optimizing time.  Our approach is much like Julie Morganstern's in "Time Management from the Inside Out"we organize time in the same manner that we organize things.  Everyone has the same 24 hours every day and we all have an example of someone who accomplishes more in one day than others do in a week!  How do they do it?  We work with our clients gain control of their time by incorporating goals, the to-do list and the calendar.  We explore both electronic and paper options, prioritize goals and create solutions to gain control over the day, week, month and year.

Paper   Everyone seems to be overwhelmed with too much paper!!  Again, most of the work we do involves paper management either for the running of the household or to be more efficient in the business world.  The river of paper comes via the mail, school, and work and never seems to stop.  Whether the paper is cluttering up the kitchen counter, a work surface, or stored away in boxes, the approach is the same.  We physically sort through the documents, determine what can be tossed or needs to be shredded, and create storage solutions for what needs to be kept.  The lifestyle of the individual determines the precise storage----filing everything away in a file cabinet from A to Z does not work for everyone!

Your Stuff  Home design has evolved over the years, with more rooms, larger closets and larger basements.  And most of us will do the best that we can to fill up those areas with more and more stuff.  But when the items do not have a home they get put 'somewhere'.  That 'somewhere'  is often the dining room table, scattered about the family room or hidden away in an unused room.  As Professional Organizers we will physically go through your items, group those items into logical categories and then work with you to create homes for those items so you will be able to find something quickly the next time you need it!  Within the storage areas, we will offer solutions to optimize any space that usually does not even involve purchasing extra supplies.

If you are like many of our customers you will say "I can do that!"  They call us when they want it done quickly, desire another point of view on storage, and are interested in resources to donate their unused items.  During the organizing process we keep you on task (we know how easy it is to be distracted), provide a variety of storage options and teach you how to maintain the system in the future.  We don't promise that your home or office will look like what you may see in a magazine.  However, we do know that you will feel great knowing that you will be able to quickly find and enjoy what is most important to you.

We would be happy to answer specific questions that you may have.  Feel free to send us an email.

Enjoy the upcoming holiday,

JoEllen & Muffy




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