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What Do I Do With This Time?

We hope that you and yours are staying healthy during this unusual time.  

Most of us are now faced with different routines.  Many of you are able to work from home, and still others are now helping educate and/or entertain children, some are faced with juggling both of these.  Then, there are others (like the two of us) who are faced with LOTS of time.  Whatever your situation, the previous routine is gone, and perhaps with that, any sense of time management.

We believe that whether you feel you have all the time in the world or if your routine has added responsibilities, it is helpul to have a schedule.  This is one way that you will be able to control your environment when things seem to be out of control.  When talking to friends and family we heard many stories how establishing a schedule made a big difference in the amount they were able to accomplish in the same amount of time.

Whatever your situation may be, we believe that there are three things working together:

Goals  Think about what it is that needs to be done today, this week, this month.  Those goals will be your guide.  Examples are work 40 hours this week, finish 3 math lessons, read a book, clean out the garage.

Lists   We know you have To-Do Lists---either in your head or (hopefully) written down.  Maybe you even have a list of all those projects that you never had time for, but with extra time you want to tackle.  Write down the lists and review them to see if they coincide with your goals.  Is binging the entire season of a Netflix show interfere with your ability to put in your work hours or finish the homework?  Is it even on your To-Do List?

Calendars   By putting the items from the To-Do List on your calendar, you will be able to prioritize the time you have to reach your Goals.  And if you keep meeting your goals, you will be able to find time to watch Netflix or even organize the basement.  Establishing blocks of time for different activities puts you in charge.

For more information and tips on managing your time, check out past newsletters:  Finding Time for Yourself, which may be especially hard to do right now, but still possible, and It's About Time, may be useful for those of you working from home and/or helping with virtual schooling.

Please stay healthy,

JoEllen & Muffy

P.S. We are still adhering to Social Distancing and will not be entering other homes and businesses during the month of May.  Stay tuned for announcements and the guidelines we will establish.  

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