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The Change of Seasons and Closets!

It's still quite warm out, but Fall has arrived!  And with that change of season comes the necessity of a change of clothes...if you are like me, my main closet is too small for all of my clothes and I must bring my cold weather clothes down from the attic.

While changing your closet around can be a bit of pain, look at it as an opportunity to make some changes.  Instead of packing away all of your spring and summer clothes, pull out those clothes which are too small, too big, out of style or just not favorites any longer, and donate them. Cleveland has many new consignment stores on both sides of town; go on-line and find the nearest shops.  Most will ask for donations that are for the current season, so find items for fall and winter that you know you won't wear again.  You can pack away spring items and take them later - be sure to label the box so you know what is in there.  Not donating any special items?  Goodwill , Salvation Army and Easter Seals would all love your donations.  Passing things along is a wonderful way to share with others while clearing some space in your closet!  

Not sure whether you will wear it again?  Our favorite trick which you can try is as follows: when hanging your clothes up, place all the hangers backwards.  When you wear an outfit, hang it back up correctly.  Next spring you will see what is still hung backwards and you now know what you never wore!  It may be just enough to convince you that the outfit is no longer needed.

Do you have a tight fit in your closet?  Do you need new hangers, underbed storage or new shoe racks?  JoEllen and I just went to The Container Store in Columbus last week and saw many storage solutions in many shapes, sizes and colors.  

Muffy at The Container Store


A large selection at The Container Store

Visit The Container Store and see what might work in your closets. One of our favorite shoe solutions is found at IKEA.  Buy as many cubes as you need - stack them up high to use the vertical space!  This system can be enhanced by adding drawers which are also available.

For more ideas and inspiration be sure to visit our Organizing Clothes and Shoes board on Pinterest.  And for fun, you may want to check out the Celebrity Organizing board to see some very large and very organized closets.

Be sure to give us a call of you need help....

                                             Muffy and JoEllen


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