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Tackling Your Children's Spaces

Summer has officially arrived and the kids are home for the summer.  Whether your children are still living at home or just in town for the summer, now is a great time to help them downsize!

We recently worked with a client and her young daughter to clear out old clothes which no longer fit, to find toys she could donate and to prepare her space for the new bedroom set she will get soon.  Despite the fact that the average attention span for a 12 year old is about 15 minutes, our client lasted 3 hours and stayed on task most of the time!  We created two large boxes of clothes which will go to her younger cousins, and boxed costumes from her competitive dance performances.  This created quite a bit of closet space where we could now hang more of her clothes.  Dresses are all on one rod, skirts on another, and blouses on the third.  This organization will help her to see what she really owns!  We designated specific drawers for her shorts, t-shirts, socks, etc..  Now she know where items belong, and hopefully she will put her clean laundry away in the future!  We hope that this has given you tips and incentive to help your children begin organizing their personal space.

The next project could be to review all the papers, books and backpacks from the past school year.  If you clean these out now, then getting ready for school in August (as in next month) wil be a breeze!  Determine which textbooks are to be kept and find out if your school will buy back ones you do not need.  Renting books in college is also a great option - simply mail the book back at the end of the semester.  Many books are now sold as e-books which will only clutter up your computer...these can be thinned out as well.  Keep special paperwork which reflects progress made by your student, and recycle the rest!  Figure out now if you need a new backpack or lunch box for the coming year and look for sales at Staples and Office Depot for early purchase of school supplies.  If you live in Ohio, you should start planning now for the Sales Tax Holiday, August 3-5th.

As stated above, younger children do have a shorter attention span.  Do not expect to clear all of the room in one session.  Rather, set easy to achieve goals and then celebrate finishing them with a fun activity.  Teaching organizing skills to your children before they go off to college and live with others is a great gift...good luck with these projects this summer.  As always, if you need help, give us a call!

                                               Muffy and JoEllen

P.S. Although it may be hard to believe, hoarding tendencies can start with children of very young ages.  Does your child collect items of little to no value, such as rocks, lint, empty bottles, bottle caps, leaves, old school papers, old magazines, or old greeting cards? Does your child struggle to throw things out or become anxious when asked to throw things out? Help CWRU researchers learn more about children who collect large amounts of items. If your child is between 10-17 and collects a lot of items please fill out the online questionnaires! Researchers will use this study to learn more about collecting tendencies in children. You can participate by going to:

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