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What a wonderful time of year in Northeast Ohio!  The seemingly never ending rain has given us a lush landscape, and we are already enjoying the flowers, birds and butterflies this season brings.  This is also a time when we all want to enjoy the many activities that summer will bring.  Are you ready?



The family vacation may already be on the calendar, but be sure to make a list and/or mark your schedule with all of those community concerts, art festivals and sports events that you always have good intentions to attend.  It's all too easy to say you will remember, but with so many activities to choose from, it's much easier to do so if the date is on the schedule.


Back yard BBQs and impromtu gatherings are less stressful if you know you have all the ingredients ahead of time.  In addition to all of the food that you will be consuming, are there enough picnic supplies, seating, charcoal and wood to make your event a success?  Review your supply from last year, and have a designated locale for everything so you can quickly replenish as needed.

The same is true for all those supplies you need to enjoy a day at the beach or pool.  Does everyone know where the sunscreen, beach towels and sand toys are kept?  And, if everyone knows where things are kept, then they also know where things are to be put when they are done using them.


Of course, you can say the same for the sports equipment----bikes, trikes, bats, mitts, balls, rollerblades, etc should also have designated homes.  And if items are returned to their homes when they are done being used, they can be quickly found again the next time they are needed. 

Many of you enjoy gardening activities before the weather becomes too warm.  While the weeding may seem to be never ending, it helps to have the tools you need in an easy to find location.  Whether you have a garden shed or a section of the garage that is set aside for your supplies, having everything at your fingertips will save you time in the long run.


So many of the above activities involve the garage----that place that is always crying out for organization.  Do you have a goal of being able to park your vehicles in the garage before the snow falls?   Then the warmer weather is the time to finally tackle this project.  Don't worry about doing the whole thing in one day or afternoon---focus on specific areas or zones.  Set aside some time to empty the contents of an area, decide what really belongs there, and part with those items that are no longer relavent.

We hope you have a safe and fun-filled summer,

JoEllen & Muffy


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