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SIMPLE Holiday Planning

     As hard to believe as it may seem, it really is October!  And we all know what that means….lots of holidays to celebrate, a gathering of families, meals, extra baking, cards & letters and gifts.   Each of these things by itself can be a major undertaking, but with some SIMPLE steps, you can accomplish your tasks in time for a relaxing Holiday Season.

First, we recommend that you Start Small by breaking each holiday/task/event into smaller steps.  Think about which steps need to be taken before other steps can happen.  For example, you would need to actually purchase the cards and envelopes before addressing all of the holiday cards you wish to send.       

Next, Identify categories of things that need to be accomplished.  Again, using the holiday cards as an example, think about what else can be purchased on a trip to your favorite card supply store.  Perhaps this is a place to purchase some supplies for décor, entertaining or gift giving.  Save yourself some time and gas money by coordinating the tasks and taking a list.

The best way to Maximize your time is to estimate how much time it will take to accomplish each of the small steps you have identified.  How long will it really take to address all of those envelopes?  Will you be including a personal note?  What about a photo?  Some activities can take an hour or less, and others may be dependent upon others to complete, and you would need to allow time for processing and/or shipping.

Now that you have broken down all of the tasks with the approximate time each one will take, it is time to Put it on the calendar.  The best way to do this is by scheduling time just as you would any other appointment, meeting or social activity.  You have probably selected a due date, and may like to work backward from there.  Or you may just want to look for areas in your schedule that you can use.  And remember, if you are unable to keep that appointment-----reschedule it!

While putting all of those tasks on your calendar, you may realize that there just isn’t time to do it all…..  If that is the case, then it is now time to Let go of some of the items by delegating them to others, or actually crossing them off the list entirely.  Perhaps you could hire someone to clean (or organize) your home before the guests arrive.  When others ask what they can bring or do---tell them! 

If you break things down as we have suggested here, the you will be able to Enjoy the season with less stress.   Just remember the SIMPLE steps.


clever container™

Thanks to all of you who attended our Virtual Introductory Party!  The Scarf Hanger was a big hit, with some of you buying one for yourself and one for someone else this holiday season. 

This month clever container™ is offering a special on the Double Duty storage cubes.


These are both functional and decorative.  They can hold hats & gloves, catalogs or gifts that you wish to hide for a while….they would even make a great gift box!  Only $14 for a set of two, if you purchase $50 or more of organizing products.

We heard from some of you that you did not enjoy shopping on the clever container™ site.  If you prefer, simply contact one of us, and we would be happy to help you.

                 Enjoy all of the beautiful Fall colors and celebrations,     

                                                   JoEllen               &            Muffy

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