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Organizing Your Memorabilia

This summer we have been in many homes where memorabiliba is a focus for at least part of our time.  So many of us have photos - hard copy and digital - which may be all in one place but are far from organized.  Or, they may be all over the house in drawers and cupboards, just waiting for the "right time" to start organizing them!

Memorabilia is an important link to all that has happened to us or our relatives.  We wish to remember those special people and times, yet keeping the items may not be the most effective way to preserve the memory.  We suggest taking a picture of special items amd making a photo collage, a photo album or a photo book.  Pillows and quilts are another option - these can be made using photos and T-shirts or other clothing.  Visit Campus Quilt for ideas about this!

Do you have art work from when your children were young which you would like to preserve?  The same photo ideas work for art projects, drawings, paintings, etc..  There are storage portfolios available for oversized drawings (Amazon, Michaels or JoAnn Fabrics) and shadow boxes with glass are one way to display these items.  If your children are grown and there are grandchildren on the horizon, organizie the old projects to make way for the new ones!

Clothing items which are passed down from generation to generation are likely to become stained or faded by the air and the sun.  We recommend storing such items in canvas storage bags, wrapped in archival paper (available on Amazon) designed to prevent yellowing.  Our new Container Store at LaPlace in Beachwood has storage options available.

Photos do seem to be the greatest challenge for our clients.  Now that we do not get our photos printed very often, the volume in our drawers is less, but there are probably many more photos than before.  Be sure to back up all of your photos on a flash drive or CD - all it takes is a computer crash to ruin all those irreplaceable memories!  When beginning the process of sorting photos, try to decide on a method and stick to it - either chronological, by person, by family, or by events (birthdays, weddings, vacations).  After the sorting process is completed, you can refine the sorting within each group of photos.  At this time, it might switch to chronological or by event.  The medium by which you wish to dispay these collections can vary as well.  Photo albums and photo books are the most common, but putting photos on a CD or flash drive to pass on to other people can be a very efficient way to organize them.  Ultimately, you want your photos to tell a story.  If you do not have time to sort actual photos now, try packing them in plastic tubs with a cedar block or two to keep them dry.  Visit your local photo store or browse Amazon to view various storage options.

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                                             Happy Sorting!

                                             Muffy and JoEllen

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