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Organizing in the New Year

As we enter the year 2013, many of us want to be better organized than last year!  So, a few hints on how to start off the New Year with a bang!

At Organizing 4 U, we believe one of the most important things you can do in life is to show up on time for work, appointments, events and even parties!  Have you ever forgotten one of your children's sporting events?  Missed getting a job because you were late for the interview?  It comes down to time management and having a calendar system in place.  Whether you choose a paper calendar or an electronic one, having a calendar is key.  Put all appointments on one calendar - work related and family related, so that you will not forget either one!  If you are using an electronic option, set up alerts to remind you when you need to leave for your next appointment.  Remember that it only takes two weeks to learn a new habit, and this habit should provide a great payback!   

It's time to put 2012 behind us but there is one looming obstacle - getting your taxes organized and filed.  We recommend an ongoing system for this - if you do not have a good system now, let's set one up for 2013 as you sort the papers for 2012. 

First, separate out all tax forms that you receive from employers, banks, and investment providers.  Next gather up documentation you have received for any tax deductible contributions ( cash, securities or household items to Goodwill or others) you have made throughout the year.  Double check your check register or on-line banking acccount records to make sure you do not miss any.  Make sure you have documentation on mortgage interest which is deductible as well.  With these papers in hand, you are prepared to being your tax return or hand them over to the accountant.

If you did not have "taxes" and "donations" files set up and utilized last year, do this now for 2013.  Simple files such as these can save quite a bit of time for next tax season!

Wishing you a Happy New Year!  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn for further tips and fun organizing ideas in 2013.

Muffy and JoEllen

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