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A number of years ago, JoEllen and I compiled a book called "Where Can I Find It", which is a guide for individuals in the case of emergencies.  Once completed, it is a handy place to find all the phone numbers of service providers, passwords for computers, account numbers for banking and investment accounts, and the location of important papers.  It is available through our website in hard copy or as a download

Last week a client purchased our book and hired me to spend the morning with her to complete the book.  In a mere 3 hours we gave her peace of mind that her affairs were in order!  She had been inspired to do this before any crisis arose because she had just dealt with the passing of her parent.  While her parent's files were mostly in order, there was a beneficiary designation that had not been clearly made while they were alive.  It impacted the taxes of two of the three children inheriting the proceeds.  My client did not want this kind of problem with her own accounts, so we double checked designations with insurance companies, checked the wills, power of attorney designations and living wills.  Now she and her husband have a short list of items to follow up on, but the bulk of the work is done.  She was so relieved that she would not leave things in disarray for her own children in the event of an emergency!

Whether or not you use our book or something similar, we encourage all of our friends, relatives and clients to have a comprehensive list of all of this important information.  Make a copy and give it to a trusted friend or relative, and to your insurance agent.  We never know when a natural disaster will strike, or a sudden illness occurs which disrupt our normal schedule.  A small investment of your time before a crisis will be priceless.

Wishing you and your family peace, happiness and organization in 2018.

                                 Muffy and JoEllen

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