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No Fooling----It Really Is Spring!

"April Fool!" said Mother Nature to Northern Ohio this year.  In spite of her antics, we really do believe that Spring will arrive very, very soon.  And when the weather does break, many of you will be heading out to the garden to prepare for the planting of vegatables and flowers.  This month we are offering you tips to organize the garden corner of the garage.  If you do not have an area dedicated to storing your garden supplies, then creating one will be the first order of business.  Gathering all the supplies that you own and eliminating what you no longer need, will be the first step in determining how much space is necessary for storage.

One of our favorite tips is to maximize vertical space!  The garage or gardening shed is a perfect place to put this tip into action.  The photo below from Better Homes and Gardens illustrates a lot of options for maximizing a wall:


While you might not need this much space, there are a lot of ideas that you can use for what suits your needs the best:  shelves, a potting table and a rolling cart with supplies.  Keep the most frequently used items up front or on the lower shelves for easy access.  If you have any left over planters or clay pots, use them to store small hand tools, seed packets or gloves.  Or you may want to keep all of your favorite tools in a bucket or tote that you are likely to grab on your way out to the garden.

All the long-handled gardening tools can be hung with hooks or nails on the wall or shelves, or they can be stored using PVC piping (see below)to keep them from getting tangled with each other.  For more ideas with directions on this and other ways of using PVC pipe, check out Ashbee Designs.


                        PVC pipe to store gardening tools                                      

Do you have a method for keeping track of what is in your garden?  Seed packets can be stored in a shoe box, glass jars, a zip lock or by creating a binder, as shown below:

 Seed Packet Storage

This method will allow you to quickly see what you have available, the date purchased, and the instructions and care of various plants that you own.

Now that you are all organized, create a list of what other items you will be needing this year and head off to your favorite garden center.

After all of your planting is done, take some time to look at all of the planters you have accumulated.  Many garden centers will happily take back the plastic pots in which the plants are sold.  You can also consider sharing them with a friend, or donating to a local community garden or garden club.

We both enjoy gardening in our spare time, and have created a Pinterest Board of many more ideas to keep you organized.  Be sure to check it out!

Happy Planting!

JoEllen & Muffy





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