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Mise en place

Mise en place.  Just like 'dostadning'', this is another word that will help with organizing, but we are unable to pronounce it (well, at least many of us cannot).  In a recent article, The Secret to Cooking, author Daniel Neman states that mise en place is “one of the first things you are taught in culinary school, and the structure on which all other cooking stands.”  Very simply it means 'put in place.'

This above referenced article is about cooking, and having all of your ingredients set out before you begin.  It is likely the way many of our mothers taught us, and what great advice.  We all know the feeling of getting all ready to make dinner or bake something sweet and discover we are missing a key ingredient.  Then time is wasted having to make yet another trip to the store, looking up a different recipe or disappointedly not even making what had been planned.

When we consider the upcoming holidays, one of the top items on everyone's list is food, and the preparations involved.  Time to start collecting those recipes, and making a list of the ingredients you will need.  If you have followed our tips in previous newsletters, we always suggest that you keep like items togeter, and store them close to where you will be using them.  If you know where things are you will save time searching for lost items, and the gathering of supplies, and needed supplies, will be a breeze.  This applies to cupboards, as well as your refridgerator; there is probably a good reason that November is Organize Your Refridgerator Month!

While 'mise en place' is good advice for the kitchen, we believe that it also applies to many other areas of your home and office. 

When you get dressed, it is far easier if all of the clothes are in their homes so you can coordinate the outfit that you need.

When embarking on a work project, or sending holiday cards, you will save time if you gather everything that you need at the beginning.  This will enable you to evaluate other supplies or information that might be necessary.

When wrapping holiday gifts, it is a good idea to do a quick inventory of the supplies you may need.  Did you remember that you already purchased gift wrap and ribbon when it was on sale at the end of last season?

One of our favorite phrases is The goal of being organized is to be able to quickly find something the next time you need it.  If you have created homes for things and items are 'mise en place' or put in place you will be in more control over your space and time.

We are Thankful for the support you have given us this past year and hope that we have given information you can use toward "...making life simple."

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,

JoEllen & Muffy



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