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Marie Kondo is Everywhere!!!

Have you noticed that everywhere you turn you see Marie Kondo?  Her Netflix series, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, is a favorite topic of conversation at the dinner table and on social media.  If you don't subscribe to Netflix, not to worry, her methods have sparked many articles in newspapers and magazines.  There are also videos on YouTube.  All of this has again brought attention to her Kon Mari Method of organizing which is outlined in her book The Life Changing Majic of Tidying Up.  She has inspired many people to tackle their cluttered spaces; so much so that thrift stores have seen an increase in donations.  See Roxanne Washington's article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

This month, we wanted to let you know how much we share with Marie Kondo, and the many ways we are different.

"I love mess!" exclaims Marie as she jumps up and down with glee.  We too like to see a mess and the possibilities underneath.  It gives our customers great satisfaction (and joy) to see the transformation of a space that has for a long time been unusable; we too enjoy that transformation.

Marie likes to kneel and introduce herself to the house.  This is not anything we have ever done.  We like to introduce ourselves to individuals we meet to find out why an area has become cluttered, and discuss future goals for that area.

Marie focuses on keeping those items that bring joy instead of focusing on items to get rid of.  We learned something with this more positive approach----it certainly seems like a less stressful way of doing things.  While not asking if each item "brings you joy", we will be challenging our customers to think about those items they want to keep and bring to their future.

Marie likes to "wake up books" by tapping on them before making decisions on what to keep.  This is not something that we do, but we do recognize that books are especially hard to part with.  This method may work for some, and we would certainly not discourage anyone who believes this will help in the decision making process.

The Kon Mari Method proceeds by category starting with clothes.  All clothes from everywhere in the home are piled in one place before decision making begins.  In the Netflix series, a common sight was a bed piled with clothes.  This is certainly a good exercise to illustrate just how much you have, but could add more stress to an already overwhelming situation.  We employ a different approach, such as one drawer at a time, and would certainly not leave before the bed is completely cleared and available for sleeping.  

Although she uses general categories for her method, Marie adjusts to each situation.  As Professional Organizers, so do we.  Each home or office is customized to the individuals who will ultimately be using the space.  More importantly, she inspires others; we know from professional experience that just a little organizing can be the inspiration to move forward.

Marie brings pretty boxes to assist with putting items away.  She also has methods of folding clothes.  The boxes are great, and we usually find some in the home that can be used.  We also like her method of folding t-shirts, but know that not everyone likes all of their items out-of-sight, because that could lead to out-of-mind.

Finally, we would like to point out that the end result of all the episodes did not result in perfect spaces worthy of a magazine article.  Bravo!!!!  The organizing of the items kept by the homeowners made sense to them and they were happy to live a different lifestyle.  And that is the important part----their attitudes toward the things they own was the real transformation.

In addition to Marie Kondo, our readers have told us that they are inspired by impending visitors, a remodeling project, crunch time, or just not wanting to go back to a more cluttered lifestyle. 

We hope you find the inspiration you need,

JoEllen & Muffy

PS Although we no longer work directly with individuals who hoard, we still volunteer our time and expertise with The Hoarding Connection of Cuyahoga County, and are pleased to announce the 7th Annual Conference:


Options and Outcomes for Older Adults

Catherine R Ayers, PhD, ABPP is the Keynote Speaker

Friday, April 26th

8:45am - 4:00pm

Embassy Suites Independence

Follow this link for registration information.  Many CEUs are available.


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