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Maintaining A Clean Desk

Many of our clients ask us for a better way to keep their desktop and filing areas from collecting so many piles!  Having a clean desk top provides a calm and inviting area in which to work.  So many of us avoid working at our desk because of the piles of bills, junk mail and other paper.  Here are a few simple ways to create a system which works for you!

First, clear the desk of all papers and put them aside.   Determine which items on the desktop should stay - stapler, tape, paperclips, pens and pencils, etc..  Have a small supply of these handy and store the rest in drawers or cabinets close by. 

Now it is time to sort the papers into categories; Bills to Pay, "To Do" items, Filing and Toss.  We highly recommend a separate place for bills where you also keep the checkbook, stamps and envelopes.  This makes for an quick and easy process when it is time to pay the bills.  "To Do" items can go in a single manila folder or be sorted further into categories such as; Calls to Make, RSVPs, Follow-Up, etc..  Try not to get too many categories or you will lose the benefits of having them all in one place!  We recommend simple filing categories as well.  Some prefer to break out their bills into multiple files but others love our idea of a single "Paid Bills" file for the current year (utilities, credit card bills, etc).  Maintain separate files for cars, insurance, medical, home maintenace and home improvements.  Finally, be sure to have a "Taxes" file going for the year - throughout 2013 drop all donation receipts, deductible membership items and other receipts into the file.  In January of 2014, the file will be ready for tax preparation.

The only papers which should go back onto the cleared desktop are the "To Do" items.  Graduated wire racks are our favorite way to hold manila folders because they save space and provide an easy way to see the file names at a glance.  Or, below is an example of fun and effective storage items for your desk.  These are from Clever Container which we sell to our customers-great products at a reasonable price.  Make a purchase and we will give you a free PDF download of our book, "Where Can I Find It?"


Desk Envy

Whatever method you decide to use is great - now all you need to do is use it!

Unfortunately, paper does not take care of itself.  A little time and discipline (schedule this maintenance time on your calendar) will allow you to attend to the paper flow, pay your bills on time, file needed papers away and leave you with a clean desk!

The Desk Envy set that is featuredabove usually sells for $25, but is available for only $11 if you purchase $50 worth of Clever Container products.

For any size order during the month of March we will send you a pdf version of our book "Where Can I Find It?".

You may order directly from the web site, or give us a call.

Muffy @ 216.321.6126      or       JoEllen @ 440.498.1930

Happy Spring!
Muffy and JoEllen


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