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Lists for Santa

We know you don't need to be reminded, but now that Halloween is behind us, the Holiday Season has 'officially' begun.  It is the time that many children are getting their wish lists ready for Santa.  Just think about such an early age we teach children to prepare lists!  Many of you continue to do so, as do we.  However, we find that the task of making lists is often overwhelming, so we will offer you some tips.

Lists are a good thing---they clear our mental clutter!  Instead of trying to keep all kinds of information in our heads, we write down those thoughts and ideas.   Crossing items off our to-do lists can be a very satisfying experience and help us see all the things we have accomplished on any given day.

We see lists everywhere we work: on envelopes, on sticky notes, on a pad (or several pads) of paper.  There are even lists of lists.  Our advice is this:

Try to minimize the number of lists you have.  To-do lists may have to be divided to cover both work and personal activities.  Then there are grocery lists, gift lists, errands to run, books to read, movies to see....and that list could also go on and on.  If you have too many lists and too many categories then thoughts, ideas, and even the lists can get lost.

Date your lists. This is especially useful for all those to-do lists.  You know what happens: that sticky note gets buried in a pile or a list does second duty as a book mark. Someday, you discover a name and phone number and are unsure who, what, where, when or why.

Keep all of your lists in one place.  If you like to write things down on paper, then a spiral notebook with dividers or pockets would help you separate your lists.  This notebook idea is also useful for corraling sticky notes.  If you prefer to keep electronic lists, then read on for some suggestions for apps that you can use.  These apps will also be useful if you want to share lists with others.

Wunderlist is an free app that can sync with all of you devices.  It features, lists, sub-lists, notes, reminders ability to assign tasks, and can be shared with others.  At work, several individuals working on one project will be able to share the lists.  For busy families everyone can have access to a grocery list, a list of gift ideas or errands to run.  A Pro version is available for a fee, but the free version is very powerful.


All 'smart-phones' and tablets have the ability to make notes.  We are more familiar with the Apple version and use them for work reminders, shopping lists and to-do lists.  Each note can be shared with others, and you can access the notes anywhere, or anytime.


A third, free and another powerful app is  This app also has the ability to help you develop a new habit.  The Moment will remind you of a task the same time every day or at other set times.



We hope these ideas will be helpful for you, your co-workers and your family.

Have an enjoyable Thanksgiving and GO TRIBE!!!!!

JoEllen & Muffy

 P.S. Looking for a speaker for work or an organization next year?  Be sure to check out the many topics that we have available for you.  Each presentation will provide participants with organizing tips and ideas that they will be able to use immediately.  Contact us for more information.



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