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Is Your Home Ready to Show?

"Show to whom?", you ask....  Friends who might drop by? Family?  Or even yourself!  This month our tips will focus on showing your home to potential buyers.  But even if you are not in the process of preparing your home for sale, our tips are still useful as a guide to decluttering any space.

Over the past few months we have been helping several clients prepare for an up-coming move.  Often that preparation entails preparing their current home to be placed on the market for sale.  In these situations we remind our clients that the sale of their home is likely the largest investment they will ever make, and the goal should be to maximize the greatest return possible on that investment.  As part of this process we stress that the goal is to transform their home into a house---a house in which potential buyers will be able to picture themselves living.

Here is a summary of tips to make the house

ready to show

Set a goal of reducing the furniture and items in your home by a third.  This will create rooms that look larger and clutter free.  When the prospective buyers walk into your home they will not be distracted by the amount of furniture that can fit into a room or by random clutter.

Clear all floors and flat surfaces.  Not only should all countertops be cleared as much as possible, but also all end tables, coffee tables, desks, dressers, floors and stairs.  Clutter creates distractions, and can be hazardous; the less the better.

Moving is an opportunity to reduce the amount of "things" you own.  Maybe there are some family heirlooms that could be shared, or the adult children can finally take their memorabilia to their own homes.  Moving companies estimate costs by determining the weight of your belongings.  Less stuff = less moving expenses.  If there is a move in your future, create a timeline that will allow reducing items prior to the move.  Too often things are hurridly packed into boxes, and not opened for years.  Do you have a box or two like that?

Remove and pack all but a few photographs and personal memorabilia.  We find that this is one of the hardest steps to take because of the memories associated with these items make the house a home.  Just remember that those viewing your home may be interested in seeing your photos, diplomas, and awards, but the more time they spend viewing these items means less time imagining their own potential memories in their new home.

Immediately pack and store collections you wish to keep.  We know you love your collections, but this is not the time to show them off to complete strangers.  Again, you do not want anything distracting the potential buyer from viewing the house they may want to purchase.

Choose a central location for all packed belongings.  Yes, the potential buyers will know you are moving, but this is not an excuese to leave piles and boxes randomly in every room.  Pick a storage area such as a section of the basement, garage, or a portable 'pod', andput everything there.  Remember to label every box!

If you wish more detailed tips for specific rooms, be sure to download "Preparing Your Home for A Quicker Sale", one of the free publications on our web site.

Happy Spring,

JoEllen & Muffy

P.S. We serve on the Hoarding Connection of Cuyahoga County, and want to remind you that the second annual conference is next week.  This year's conference is geared toward professionals who work with individuals who hoard, and 3 CEUs are available for only $35.

Clearing A Path to Treatment

Friday, May 9th  12:30-4:45 PM

Conference Center at Benjamin Rose

11890 Fairhill Road, Cleveland

for registration &/or more information

follow this link or call 216.373.1686


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