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Is It Smart to Resolve?

The new year, and everyone is talking about New Year's Resolutions----and so it seems, are we.  A new year is a marker we all share. It is only natural that we reflect on the past year, and anticipate the next thinking about the positive areas of our lives we want to keep, as well as the ones that need improvement.  So, make a resolution......or set a new goal and make things happen.  That goal could be exercising more, earning more money and/or getting organized.

Whatever the goal may be, we think it helps to think about why that resoluton or goal really is important.  Do you need to exercise more for relaxation or to help you lose weight?  Do you want to earn more money to take a special vacation or purchase a new home?  Do you want to get organized to become more efficient at work or to create a calmer environment in your home?  By keeping the end goal in mind it can lead you to the steps you need to take and keep you on the path to achieving what it is you have set out to do.

Just like smart goals, we believe that resolutions should also be smart.

Specific  “I want to get more organized “ is not. “I want to clear off my desk” or  "I want to clear out unnecessary paper from all the files." are both specific.

Measurable  "I want to organize my office" can be said to be measurable, but organizing each file drawer is a more specific step to achieving the overall goal.  Breaking down the resolution into measurable steps may keep you on track without feeling overwhelmed by the whole project.

Attainable  Is this a home office that you wish to organize? Are there barriers to success?  Is is shared with someone else who may not be as interested in the goal you have?  Do you have the skills to establish a filing system that will be workable for all involved. Do you know what is important to keep or not?

Realistic    Is this something that you have tried to do before without success?  What got in the way of that success?  What is it that you can do to make it happen this year?

Time frame   Yes, this is something that you want to achieve in 2019!  Reflecting back on the previous tips may help achieve your success.

We hope these tips will help you with any resolution you may have, and that you will enjoy a

Happy & Healthy & Organized New Year,

JoEllen & Muffy  

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