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I Didn't Know You Did that!

In the past few weeks we have had a number of clients express surprise at some of the services we offer, saying "I didn't know you did that"!  So, we thought this might be a good place to highlight all of the things we can do to help you in your home, your office and your life.


Preparing a Home for Sale:  We will help you to review things in your home to decide where they will go in the new home (is there room for it all?), what can be donated and what can be disposed of.  We will help you clear the items off of your counters, desk, table tops,etc.  The general rule is to reduce the items by 1/3 before showing your house to prospective buyers.  Items can be pre-packed and stored until the move.


Unpacking Services:  The process of moving is very stressful and many find that unpacking is even more difficult!  We can help this process by working with you to determine where the items will be stored and making sure there is the appropriate amount of space.  It is common to find you moved too many things, so further donations may be required!  Our customers are thrilled when their kitchen is functional right from the start and their beds can be slept in the first night.


 Time Management:  Organizing 4 U will teach you how to better manage your time.  This is the root of the problem for many who fear they can never be better organized.  Putting blocks of time on your calendar for various tasks allows one to see what needs to be done each day.  From this point, you can then prioritize the items to ensure you accomplish the most important tasks.  Learning how to better manage your time will improve your productivity at the office and at home.


Consultation Services Only:  Sometimes we encounter customers who need advice and a plan of action, but wish to do all of the hands on work themselves.  We are happy to provide this service, too.  We firmly believe that action plans are useful tools for individuals who have the time to tackle projects on their own and are able to stay focused on the tasks.  We can provide room by room plans or an overall guide on how to declutter or downsize.  We have relationships with many service providers and can provide contact information where appropriate.

If you think you have a need which falls into any of the above categories, please give us a call!  Muffy Kaesberg can be reached at 216-321-6126 for a free consultation!


                                        Have a great spring!

                                         Muffy and JoEllen

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