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I Didn't Know You Could Donate That!!!


Have piles of Halloween Candy left over?  Or maybe you have a little (or a lot) more than you need.  You don't need to be wasteful and throw it away, there are actually many places that it an be donated.  Here are a few we found that have local drop off locations: 


  • Contact your local Ronald McDonald House to learn of drop-off locations. In the Cleveland area, the Ronald McDonald House at 10415 Euclid Avenue is accepting unopened candy.
  • Soldiers' Angels Treats for Troops Many businesses partner with this organization by collecting candy that will be passed on to service members, wounded heros or vetrans.  Follow the link for a drop off location near you.
  • Check your local Girl Scout or Boy Scout Troop to see if they are collecting candy to pass on to specific organizations.

Many of you are likely surprised that candy can be donated, so we wanted to alert you to other items you may be able to donate.

Pianos are difficult to sell, but we suggest that you contact your local school district or church to see if they, or someone they know, would be in need of a piano.  Specifically Pianos for Education is an organization that accepts pianos from all 50 states.  Follow to link to provide information on your piano and, if accepted, they will arrange for a free pick-up.


Computers and Electronic Equipment.  In the Cleveland area, check out RET3 Job Corps.  They will refurbish and donate usable equipment to schools and non-profits in the area. Any unusable pieces and parts will be recycled.


Many organizations will accept your car (also boats and trailers) donation to help benefit their mission.  Check out Wheels for Wishes, Cars Helping Vetrans, or choose a specific charity at Car Donation Wizard


Have you had experience with any of these organizations?  Perhaps you have heard of others.  Please let us know so we can keep our Resource List up-to-date.

Happy Thanksgiving,

JoEllen & Muffy

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