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How Many D's Can You EarnThis Summer?

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Although Summer doesn't 'officially' begin for another 3 weeks, we have already begun many of the festivities over the Memorial Day Weekend.  Now, we look to the next three months of enjoying all those special moments that summer holds in store:  vacations, summer camp, bar-b-ques, picnics, outdoor concerts, art fairs, friends and family visiting, trips to the beach and pool, amusement parks....  The list seems endless and we often run out of time before we run out of ideas of things to do.  Coupled with all of this is the fact that others at your workplace will be on vacation, and you will have an increased work load. Then you will be leaving for vacation and need to get a lot of extra work done before your leave and upon your ruturn. And now the kids are home from school and/or college so the 'normal' routine at home just got out of whack.

Where to begin???

The first thing to do is DECIDE which activities will go on the calendar.  This is often not as easy as it sounds when coordinating lots of schedules.  But if you make a list of those activities that are the most important to you (and your family), and you start planning early (as in now) things will go a lot more smoothly.

You may find that you will have to DELETE some of those activities that were on your original list.  It is often very hard to accept that you really cannot do it all and still maintain your sanity.  But deciding what is most important, for summer or for anytime, will guide you in the decision making.

Now may be the time to DEFER an activity to another time.  Perhaps you will not be able to go to Cedar Point when presented with a last minute offer, but you could suggest an alternative date that will work better for your schedule.  Or you may not be able to take on a new project at work just prior to leaving for vacation, but could set another time to get started upon your return.

This is also a good time to DELEGATE to others.  All these extra activities create extra responsibilities, and again, don't feel you need to do it all yourself.  Give tasks to others to lessen the burden.  At work consider what can be assigned to others, so you can have more time on other priority projects.  When inviting others to a picnic or other celebration, have everyone contribute with food and time.  The goal is to enjoy yourself, not be the doer of all things.

DO enjoy what is most important to you and yours during the

Summer Season,

JoEllen & Muffy




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