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Finding The Time For Yourself

This month's newsletter was inspired by the following image that was making the rounds on Facebook recently:

Our daily lives seem to be busy, busy,  busy.  We find ourselves pulled in all kinds of, work, school, running the household, etc.  This leads, more often than not, to feelings of being unable to carve out time for ourselves.

"Busy, busy, busy we pass the days of our lives--gone all too soon.  Gone before we get to our dreams of creative expression, self-fulfillment, nurturing."  

Carol Orsborn, Enough is Enough

While we can probably all relate to the above photo, and have our own personal bucket lists, the priorities in our life, in reality, look like the Domestic Hierarchy from The Pajama Diaries that was recently published.  All of these areas are important, but what happens is that the "ME TIME" ends up at the bottom of our priorities.

So what can you do when you feel so weighed down that you are constantly giving up time for yourself?

First, think about what your goals are in all areas of your life and write them down.  Be creative!  Think big! Think short term and long term.   Do you want to learn a new hobby, get to the gym more often, organize your photos into a scrapbook, volunteer more, cook more often, travel near or far?  

Second, think about how much "ME TIME" would make you feel less overwhelmed.  Do you want a few minutes every day, every week, every month?  Maybe you can take a class one evening a week, or go for a walk at least every other day, or sit down and plan some meals so you will have all of your ingredients withouth making extra trips to the grocery.

Third, look at how you are spending your time right now----as in, this day, this week, this month.  Does all this time coincide with your goals?  If not, one of the first things you should consider is eliminating some of those culprits that are taking time away from the things you wish to enjoy more. What else could you have done instead of binge watching a show that you have already seen before?  Have you been saying "Yes" a little too often to a local organization in which you volunteer?

Now is the time to put those other "ME TIME" activities on the calendar. Do you want to meditate more?  Then put 10 minutes on your calendar every day for this activity and at the end of the year, you will have meditated for 61 hours!  Looking to spend more time alone with your spouse?  Then get out the calendars, set some dates, and keep it sacred.  

We both have "ME TIME" activites built into our schedules; Muffy is an active curler, and JoEllen is a weaver.  Not only are we active with these past-times, we also take the time to volunteer to support and give back to those organizations that keep these activities successful for ourselves and others. What can you do to keep your life more balanced?   We organize 'time' too, give us a call if you want some help,

Happy (it's almost here) Spring,

JoEllen & Muffy

P.S. Are you planning to put your home on the market this Spring?  It can be an overwhelming process on so many levels!  Give us a call at 216.321.6126, or send an email to to find out how we can help you set the stage for the greatest return on your investment.  

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