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Downsizing Tips 4 U!

Over the last few weeks, Organizing 4 U has been helping several clients to downsize their homes.  For some, this is planning ahead for a future move to a smaller place but for most it is due to an immenent move out of town, to a retirement community or to an assisted living arrangement.

The process of downsizing one's possessions sounds like it should not be that hard, right?  Just look around the room you are in and imagine if you had room in your new home for only 10 items from that room.  Which would you take and why?  Imagine a house with 10 full bookshelves and the knowledge that your new space will hold only 50 books.  Have more than one closet of clothes?  The new home may have only one rod in one closet! If you are going to take more clothes than that, where will the out of season clothes be stored?  Asking these questions can result in a variety of responses.  Some people are clearly ready to let go of their stuff, while others really struggle with the decision making process.

Having a professional help with this process can be beneficial.  We can ask the tough questions and keep individuals on task.  The process can be time consuming and very emotional, so an independent party can provide objectivity.  We also have some tips and tricks of the trade, a few of which we will share with you now.

The kitchen is a great place to start the thinning out process.  Most of us have too many cookbooks, pots and pans, casserole dishes, etc..  In order to choose which items will be donated or given to friends and relatives, pull all of the similar items out and put them on a large counter or dining table. Choose your very favorites from these groupings by setting a reasonable goal for each category.  Perhaps 5 cookbooks, one frying pan of each size and a couple of round and square casseroles will do.  The remaining items can go!  Try the same process with cleaning supplies, outdoor picnic tableware and supplies, vases.  

Large items which are staying with you and moving to the next home should be marked.  We love to use the sticky colored dots.  Moving will get one color, donations another color, and relatives can each have a color.  By marking the items well in advance, you will not have to make snap decisions at the last minute.  The movers will be grateful as well.

Tackle first those categories you think will be easy decisions and then move onto the harder ones.  As you are doing the downsizing, involve your family members if you can.  Deciding ahead of time, and in a non-emotional moment,  who will get which item should help family squabbles from occuring.

Moving or downsizing soon or have a friend or relative who is?  Give us a call and we will be glad to help!

                               Happy Fall!

                               Muffy and JoEllen


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