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It’s a New Year, and once again you have made a New Year’s Resolution to GET ORGANIZED!!

Perhaps you have been a little more specific and resolved to"organize my office", "organize my basement", "organize my clothes", or "organize my kitchen".  If you did so, then you are getting closer to success.  However, we have found that breaking the goals down this far is still just not far enough for success.  You have great expectations, and devote time to organizing one of these spaces, but then you find that the task is just too overwhelming.  Consequently, you don’t see progress happening quickly and your good intentions are abandoned.

But, if you break things down a little further, we believe you will be on the road to success!  Keep the ultimate goal in mind, but divide the project into smaller steps so you can continually reward yourself for making progress, and then be spurred on to accomplish more.  It really can be contagious.

Here are some recipes for success:

In the office, consider focusing on one pile, one shelf or one drawer at a time.

For the basement, start in one corner of the room, select one shelf or choose a category to begin.   

When organizing your clothes again we suggest focusing on one drawer or one category at a time.

The same goes for the kitchen or pantry: choose one cupboard, one shelf or one drawer, complete the task, then move on.  


A similar approach is to set a timer for a specific period of time and work in a specific area.  If you have trouble staying on task, then start with short periods of time---even 15 minutes at a time will help you reach your goals.  Remember, 15 minutes a day equals 91.5 hours this year!  Just think what you could accomplish in that amount of time.

Keeping the ultimate goal in mind, determine what small steps you want to take each day, week or month.

Most importantly, put the time on your calendar !!

We hope these tips will help you reach your goals for all your New Year’s Resolutions! 

Have a Happy, Healthy and Organized New Year,

 JoEllen & Muffy

PS We still offer a free consultation to answer your questions on how we can help you reach your organizing goals at work and at home.  Follow this link or call Muffy at 216.321.6126 or JoEllen at 440.498.1930 for more information.

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