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Creating Room for Your Summer Clothes


It's not too late to create a better system for your summer clothes!  June was the craziest month weather wise and we hardly wore our summer clothes compared to pants and long sleeves.  But now that the heat appears to be here to stay, your summer items should be front and center.

Many of our clients say they have too many clothes in their closets, items get lost, and new clothes with tags on them have never been worn.  We usually see this in closets where all seasons of clothes are smashed together.  We highly recommend changing your closets for the season, though if you lack much storage space, this can be a challenge.

Out of season clothes can be stored under the bed in containers, or in plastic tubs which can be stacked (we prefer clear so you can see what is in them and not too large so will still be able to lift them).    Like things should go together, so put all of your sweaters and heavier shirts in one, pants and jackets in another.  Use this process as a way to donate items you no longer use or need!  Add a few cedar blocks and a label on the outside of the container, and you are set.  Now there is room for the summer clothes to be seen and used...

Another considerationn is whether or not the clothes in your closet actually present the image you wish to present to others.  Is your wardrobe stale or does not include the right clothes for your job or lifestyle?  First impressions are very important, so consider calling our friend Traci McBride (440-670-0440) at Tee McBee Image Consulting for some advice.  She will even shop with you if needed!

Shoe storage is often a challenge - under the bed storage containers and paper shopping bags with handles are good options.  Hang them on hooks in the closet or on the back of a door, or store them in the attic or basement if you have these.  

A few other tips for closets: use your vertical space for extra shelving, use hooks to hang things, and search for clever hangers made especially for belts and scarves.  

We hope these simple tips will help you make sense out of your closets. Give us a call at 216-321-6126 if you need additional help!

                    Happy Summer!

                         Muffy and JoEllen

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