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Careful What You Wish For

WOW!  The Summer just flew by, didn't it?  We hope that you had plenty of time to enjoy some fun outdoor activities during this beautiful weather here in Northeast Ohio.  May it all continue into the Fall season.

This month we are taking a break from the usual organizing tips to suggest you curl up with a good book.  Want to know more about the day to day activities of a Professional Organizer?   If so, check out  Careful What You Wish For: A Novel of Suspense by Hallie Ephron.  This is the story of Emily Harlow,  Careful What You Wish For"a professional organizer who helps people declutter their lives; she’s married to man who can’t drive past a yard sale without stopping. He’s filled their basement, attic, and garage with his finds."  

How did this novelist know enough to write about a

Professional Organizer?

Novelist Ephron contacted Muffy for background research on the title character, and she, and Organizing 4 U, are given credit in the book for the help! Muffy says: 

A couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of speaking with Hallie Ephron, author of the new book “Careful What You Wish For”.  She was interviewing me for this book because her main character, Emily, is a professional organizer.  Like JoEllen and me, she works with her friend as a team!  Hallie did an excellent job describing a day in the life of a professional organizer, right down to the items she carries in her “kit”.  I smiled throughout the book as she has similar conversations with her clients and business partner which seem eerily similar to the ones we have!  Fortunately, Organizing 4 U has not had a murder mystery entwined with our business…that is all I will tell you about the book, but do read it.  Great novel and great fun!

We hope you enjoy this book.  Please let us know what you think.

Celebrating 16 years

This weekend, Organizing 4 U is celebrating the milestone of 16 years of business.  We feel so fortunate to have made a difference in the lives of individuals with whom we have had the opportunity to work.  

Thank you!

JoEllen & Muffy



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