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A Time For Giving

"Tis the season for giving!"  Not only do retail stores capitalize on this, so do the charities offering a tax deduction before year end.  These charitable solicitations come from many places - phone, the mail, and even on your computer and mobile phone!

Do you receive lots of requests from charities you have never heard of or donated to previously?  Do you feel guilty about not giving to those which come with coins, note pads, address labels, etc.?  Charities regularly sell their mailing lists to each other and we get bombarded by mailings from entities we do not have a connection to.  Most of us would prefer to make a more personal gift to a group close to our hearts.  Don't worry about giving to everyone who asks - their marketing budgets are large and they anticipate few will return a donation.

If you are making donations this holiday season, here are a few suggestions:

  • Choose a charity that is meaningful to you and your family.  Decide whether you would like to support a local, national or global charity.  Do you want your funds to support research, education, food, or face-to-face delivery of services?
  • Try setting a budget for your annual donations, and stay within that budget.  Allow for special rememberance gifts for someone who has died, or for natural disasters, in your budgeted amount.
  • Monitor the amounts you are giving, so you do not give to the same charity multiple times in a given year!  Keep track with in your checkbook, make a list that stays in your tax file, or keep a runnning list on your phone or computer.  Simplify the process by picking a time when you will make the bulk of your donations - possibly December, bonus time, a birthday or anniversary.  This way you can easily track where your donations are going.  Just pick a time that makes sense for you!  Include a note stating you do not wish them to sell your name and address - they are legally required to honor that.

Should you have an elderly relative who needs help managing their donations, please use the suggestions as a guide.  We find many of our clients give to dozens of charities and are asked to give again and again.

                        Happy Holidays from Organizing 4 U!

                                     Muffy and JoEllen

Are you considering giving the gift of organization to a friend or family member? We believe that organization is a great gift because the advice and techniques we provide during the organizing process will endure after we have left the premises.  However, we caution that you be sure the recipient will enjoy the gift as much as you think.

Perhaps you are the one who would like such a gift.  If so put us on your list with instructions to contact Muffy at 216.321.6126 or JoEllen at 440.498.1930 for details.

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