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2016's Simple Organizing Tips

We hope you are all off to a great start of the new year!  At this time of the year, however, we find many of our clients are searching for organizing tips that will help them be even more successful in the coming year.

Our first tip is to commit to being"on time" for appointments, school, work and other events.  Arriving on time boils down to good time management techniques and the use of a calendar!  Use paper calendars?  That is fine, just make sure you write down all of your commitments as soon as they are made.  If you have trouble leaving the house on time, set a timer to ding when you need to leave.  Use a smart phone or tablet for your calendar? Alerts and timers are available on these as well - sometimes time just gets away from us and we need a reminder.  It only takes two weeks to learn a new habit!

Financial organization is an excellent goal for 2016.  As you begin to gather all of your paperwork for filing your 2015 taxes, set up files or envelopes for your 2016 taxes.  Be sure to have a file that says Taxes and one for Deductions.  If you have these from the onset of the year, part of the work is already done for next year's tax filings!  Be sure to seperate bills to be shredded, statements to be used for taxes (mortgage interest, brokerage trades, moving and college expenses, interest earned, etc.) and any other earned income or deductions you might have.  The earlier you have all of these gathered, the sooner you can file for a refund or plan ahead for paying the tax bills.  

Organizing projects around the home should be tackled one at a time.  Try making a list and then start small with one area.  Use a timer in 15 minute increments if you have difficulty staying on task.  Before you know it, you will be able to cross something off your list!

Happy 2016 Organizing!

                                   Muffy and JoEllen

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